Cosmic Confusion


We Are Moon-Scene


An alternative duo consisting of Sarah Keyser on guitar and vocals and Marina Pharis on the drums. Having been formed in July of 2014, Moon-Scene has completed two albums, both recorded in a home studio. The first album titled, "To Dance With The Sun," incorporates elements of both jazz and rock and was released in December of 2014. The second album, "Walk With The Sky," lends itself more towards an alternative style. It was released in June of 2015. Moon-Scene has performed around both Virginia and Maryland and continues to expand its venue radius as well as its following.


Vocals, Guitar / Sarah Keyser
Drums / Marina Pharis




(Final Project/EP)


Cosmic Confusion

(Third Album)


Green Eyes-Single


Walk With The Sky

(Second Album)

Walk With The Sky album cover.JPG

To Dance With The Sun

(First Album)